Four Seasons Of Family Fun

Our education team is looking forward to highlighting a special part of the farm with you each season. Come and join us for…

Spring “Do the Rot Thing” beginners gardening & composting – April 2021

Summer solstice sing-a-long & bonfire – June 2021

Fall fairy house & gnome home festival – Sept 2021

So many great opportunities for the whole family to enjoy the farm together!

  • Pre-registration & payment required
  • Pre-registration will open one month before the scheduled event
  • Registration fees are $10/participant 3 years old and up (children ages 0-2 years old are FREE) Some events may require additional material fees to be paid when you register. 
  • Please be sure to pay close attention as your pre-register as there may be limitations on the number of attendees per session and/or several different sessions to choose from throughout the day to provide a safe environment for all of us to enjoy.
  • Once your pre-registration is completed, you will receive a link to complete your payment.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Due to state & county group size restrictions we are working hard to ensure as many people have an opportunity to participate as possible. Therefore, you will have 48 hours from receipt of your payment link to make your payment in full. If no payment is received in that time, your pre-registration slot will be given to the next group on the event waitlist.
  • Please remember to dress for the weather and bring your masks.

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