The animals at Learning Tree Farm thrive on the love you give them.  Of course, they have some practical needs, too. Food, care, and wide-open spaces require financial support. So this year, we invite you to participate in the life of the farm in a new way.

You can now pledge to be a part of the Farmyard Friend program at Learning Tree Farm! By becoming a Farmyard Friend, you’ll make an annual or monthly gift that helps keep Learning Tree Farm thriving and a great home for our animal ambassadors.

When you pledge to be a Farmyard Friend, you’ll receive seasonal updates about your animal friend, a certificate of appreciation, and your name displayed at the farm for the whole year!


Learning Tree Farm is home to many chickens. Farmers keep chickens to harvest their eggs. Have you ever held a chicken at the farm? Become a farmyard friend to our chickens and get updates about us all year long!

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Have you met our 12 friendly goats? Farmers keep goats for many reasons! Our goats help us control weeds by grazing in fields with our other animals. They also act as ambassadors to our many visitors.

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Have you met the sheep at Learning Tree Farm? Sheep are important to farmers because their wool helps us to make clothes! Every spring, visitors can watch our sheep get sheared for summer!

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We have two pigs every spring, summer, and fall at Learning Tree Farm. Pigs are often kept on the farm as a source of food for the farmers and their families.

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We have three donkeys at Learning Tree Farm and they have an important job! Donkeys help to keep the other farm animals safe from predators like coyotes. Our three donkeys are Marshmallow, Boo, and Surprise and they love to meet new friends who visit the farm.

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There are two ponies at the farm: Flicka and Flash. Did you know ponies are different than horses? Ponies are smaller in size, often have thicker fur, and can live longer lives. Have you met Flicka and Flash? They can often be found grazing in our pastures and love visitors!

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Farmers need lots of help around the farm! Our two border collies, Trip and Scout, help to herd animals while our barn cats help to keep mice and other rodents out of the barns. Our border collies are always happy to help teach our visitors about herding through demonstrations!

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Our steer, Ferdinand, is one of a kind- just like his namesake: Ferdinand the Bull! Ferdinand was born premature and will stay smaller in size. He loves to be petted and spends much of his time with his friends, the Learning Tree Farm sheep.

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Barn Sponsor

Are you looking for a bigger way to get involved? Consider becoming a barn sponsor. We have two barns at Learning Tree Farm- The Tobacco Barn and The Bank Barn- and the original structures are 150 years old. The barns are still in use today and provide shelter for our friendly farm animals!

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