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Thanks for your interest in Nature Preschool at Learning Tree Farm! 


Nature Preschool Open Houses

January 27, 2018 9:00am-1:00pm

January 31, 2018  6:00-8:00p

Come and see our indoor space, meet the Nature Preschool teachers, and learn about our philosophy and details of our programs.  This is a great way to see the difference in a nature-based education.  Children are welcome and can play while you tour the space and ask questions.

 REGISTRATION for the 2018-2019 school year will be decided by a lottery system for the spots that are not filled by returning students.

2018-2019 LTFNP Registration Form 

Interested families should fill out the form ove aband submit it via postal mail to the Nature Preschool at 3274 S Union Rd., Dayton, OH 45417 or as a scanned document to education@learningtreefarm.org by 1:00 PM on February 20, 2018.

At 1:00 PM, the lottery will be held with a committee of the Farm leadership team.  Families will be placed in classes as they are drawn.  We will take into consideration their first and second choices on placement (either Cardinals or Blue Jays).  These families will receive notification that afternoon.  The $75 nonrefundable registration fee is due at that time.  Further directions for this fee will come with your confirmation email.  If the registration fee is not paid via check or cash by March 6, 2018, the position will be forfeit to the next family on the waitlist.  

If there are more children in the lottery than there are spots available, they will be placed on the waitlist in the order that they are drawn.


Monday & Wednesday  9:00-1:00  
Blue Jays
Tuesday & Thursday 9:00-1:00
  • Learning Tree Farm Nature Preschool is a licensed preschool through the State of Ohio.
  • Our classes are designed to be mixed age groups of three to five-year-olds.
  • We maintain a 15:3 children to staff ratio. 
  • Students are required to be toilet trained using underwear.   We understand that at the time of registration this may be an unknown for some families.  If there are questions regarding this policy, please contact Director Meredith Florkey education@learningtreefarm.org.
  • Learning Tree Farm Nature Preschool uses Creative Curriculum to guide the children’s environment and activities.  A child-centered project based learning environment, utilizing principals of emergent curriculum and the Reggio-Emilia approach is in place. 
  • The staff uses Teaching Strategies GOLD for ongoing assessment and parent communication of skills. 
  • All lead teachers have up to date training in First Aid, CPR, Communicable Disease, and Child Abuse Identification. 
Friday Falcons
This program is for 4-year-olds based on teacher recommendation.
Fridays 9:00-1:00
February 2018-May 2018
For the second half of the school year, children who are enrolled in one of the above programs and who plan to start Kindergarten the following school year have the option for more preschool time each Friday.  This time extends the content explored with their younger peers earlier in the week but has more of an emphasis on researching (reading) and documentation (writing) and performing additional science experiments.   Children from either the Cardinals or the Bluebirds may attend.  This class has an additional cost.
Our philosophy of education requires that our classes be held outside for the majority of our time.  We go out in light rain and snow.  Safety precautions are adhered to and we are not out of doors when it is pouring rain, thundering, or lightning.  In cases of severe cold temperatures, we limit our outdoor time.  Staff work with parents to assure proper clothing and skin protection all times.
Students will bring a packed lunch each day.  A daily healthy morning snack will be provided.

What is a Nature Preschool?

In a nature preschool, all components of a high-quality traditional program are present, but the environment and medium for discovery and learning are the outdoors. Children discover local flora and fauna during their exploration of the environment; staff builds upon that curiosity by providing literature, projects, and structure that expand their understanding of these phenomena. Mathematics, science, social skills, and physical skills are seamlessly woven into this content. There is an emphasis on process art (i.e. free painting using a variety of materials, which are chosen by the child) vs. product art (i.e. making a group of something that looks identical). Materials are chosen intentionally to complement the natural classroom spaces found inside and outside.


Photo Credit: www.iwantbdphotography.com

Learning Tree Farm Nature Preschool’s Philosophy:

  • We believe that concrete daily experiences in nature with ample time to explore, builds children’s ability to problem solve and self-regulate.
  • Our emergent and child-centered curriculum will allow us to investigate nature and the farm using a multidisciplinary approach.
  • Harnessing children’s natural curiosity and using multiple senses, we are able to meet children’s developmental needs while creating a deep connection with nature.
  • We believe that early repeated exposure to the natural world will facilitate a growth of personal identity and an understanding of the interconnection between humans and their environments.


Photo Credit: www.iwantbdphotography.com

How can I find out more?

Email Learning Tree Farm’s Education Director at education@learningtreefarm.org to find out more about the school or to be put on an email distribution list for announcements.


Photo Credit: www.iwantbdphotography.com

 Here are some additional resources that you may find interesting if you are considering Nature Preschool.  Nature Preschool Resource Page

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